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Food Truck Festivals of 2019

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

When we shut off the lights in Asheville last week, our 2019 food truck & craft beer festival season officially came to a close.

Newport Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival

With thirteen festivals in our rear view mirror, we thought this would be a good time to reflect and to also look ahead.  Every year brings changes to both our business and to the industry as a whole.  We had some amazing successes in new markets such as Newport, RI and Salem, MA and learned the hard way in some markets about the importance of parking and traffic management. We have discovered that despite our best intentions we are not perfect!  We are on a mission to fix traffic and parking and that’s why we have decided to turn many of our food truck & craft beer festivals into two day events in 2020 because sometimes one day is just not enough.  So welcome to our two-day festivals in 2020 in Panama City Beach (February 15 and 16), Albuquerque (March 28 and 29) and Newport (May 16 and 17) – with more to come as our schedule evolves.

Food Truck Catering is Booming at Company Events

The other side of our business – food truck catering – truly exploded this year.  It looks like deli sandwich platters with chips and cookies have been replaced with food truck cuisine like buttery grilled cheese, fall off the bone BBQ and lobstah rolls!   

Food Truck Catering

No wonder everyone seems so happy at our company events!  And we coordinated dozens and dozens of them – employee luncheons for companies like Sanofi, after work events for companies like Teradyne as well as weekly food truck events for National Grid and others.  We kept the trucks busy this year that’s for sure!

Shout out to these Food Trucks

And a special shout out to those great food trucks we have worked with this year….to name just a few – Moyzilla, Gotta Q,  Red’s, Friskie Fries, Da Bomb, Teri Yummy, Frozen Hoagies, Shishkaberry’s, Whoopie Wagon, Bon Me, Mediterranean Home Cooking, Shuck Food Truck, Say Cheese, Mo Rockin’ Fusion and so many more.  Our waistlines curse you, but we thank you all the same!!  How about we do it all again…bigger and better…next year?

Dine-Out Critics Choice Award Best Food Truck Red's

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