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One Pound Giant Meatball Recipe from Patruno's Place

Today is National Meatball Day! Ready to make some mouth-watering meatballs?Andrea and Jay Patruno, owners of the famous Patruno's Place food truck, have created the One Pound Giant Meatball -- and now share below their recipe for this culinary wonder – so you can enjoy some yummy homemade meatballs with your family and friends.

Patruno’s Place is a Hartford, CT-based food truck that will be joining us at many New England food truck festivals. Jay Patruno, a full time construction worker, started this truck as a side gig and was shocked at how popular it became almost instantly.

As an Italian, Jay grew up appreciating Italian cooking and developed a passion for cooking. He has been making meatballs for over 30 years and his kids have loved trying his meatball recipes as they grew up! Seven years ago, he came up with his One Pound Meatball and two years later, he debuted the one-pounder at a local fair. People loved it!! Soon, Patruno’s Place and the Patrunos were getting invitations to participate in festivals all over New England. Catch them (if you can!) at any of the 2020 New England Food Truck & Craft Beer Festivals, and check out where they’ll be in the coming weeks on their Facebook page. Celebrate National Meatball Day with Patruno’s.

Now it is the fifth year of Patruno's Place, Andrea and Jay have made big changes. They’ve added new items onto their menu and they opened a second trailer, a bigger one! From April to November, the two trailers travel to multiple events to satisfy eaters across New England with the signature meatball, vegetarian rice ball, and chicken parm.

Andrea and Jay love to talk about

people’s reaction to the giant meatballs. They told us about this story of a lady and her son who came and bought a One Pound Giant Meatball one day. “He bought a meatball and went back for another and his mother, she just had this expression on her face and she goes: Whyyyyy? Because the thing was so big and she just couldn’t understand it! The way she said it was so funny!” Jay laughed.