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Creative Ways Food Trucks are Staying in Business

How are you all holding up? Been almost two months since we furloughed everyone and put Food Truck Festivals of America on hold for a little while – and we’ve missed our trucks and our foodie fans. So, rather than just sit and watch Netflix, we’ve decided to reinvent ourselves:

Introducing:  Neighborhood StrEATS, a hyper local food truck program. Keep reading for more information and let us know if you would like a food truck to come to your neighborhood. All orders online in advance and all CDC rules are followed.

Want one where you live? Just fill out the form online.

ONLY online ordering in advance and all orders must have pick-up times with only 6 pick-ups per time slots.  So, no walk-ups, no cash or credit cards – all staff must wear masks and wear double gloves.  All COVID-19/CDC rules are followed – and all trucks are properly permitted. So far, the Neighborhood StrEATS program has been an amazing success – check it out here-- and let us know if you and your neighbors would like a food truck to visit – safely. We are hoping the program brings a little relief, not only to quarantined neighborhoods but also to some food trucks.   We also hope you and your families are safe and healthy – and know that we will be trying to stay in touch through it all.

Throughout these past few months everyone at Food Truck Festivals of America has been honored to work with with the many amazing food truck owners who have responded where they see a need. Here are some feel good stories from food trucks around the country. We have all the feels from these incredible food truck owners.

Food Trucks from Boston's Wahlburgers to Aztec Dave's in Chicago and beyond food trucks are lining up to provide some relief and to feed essential workers (aka true heroes) during COVID 19. Trust us, there are many, many more heart warming stories of food truckers out there donating food.

During the football season (will there be a season) these guys are fierce opponents but off the field they're on the same team. Carson Wentz and Dalvin Cook are using food trucks to fight hunger and unemployment . Detroit Lions Receiver, Marvin Jones, Jr and his wife Jazmyn are thanking health care workers by donating food trucks and more.

Plymouth MA native and Food Network Chopped Champion, Chef Stephen Coe, took to the streets of New Bedford to feed Police, Fire Fighters, EMTs and paramedic with his SWAT Culinary Assault VehicleRead about it here.

Everyone's favorite, The Whoopie Wagon has partnered with Cater Cow to help bring smiles to the faces of healthcare workers. The Whoopie Wagon has organized this campaign to raise funds to donate treats to nearby hospitals. If you want more information on how to support this campaign visit Cater Cow Cares

New Truck AlertLook for Mama Deb's Italian Food Truck cruising a neighborhood near you. Seriously, let Mama Deb do the cooking for the night!

We could all use a little more sunshine these days. If you haven't tried Lawson's Finest their Sip of Sunshine will give you all the feels of a summer day!

Be sure to listen to our newest episode of Truck Tales featuring a conversation with some food truck chefs and a craft brewery about how they’re surviving the pandemic – or are they? Catch up on all our Truck Tales episodes here.

Thank you to our valued sponsor Newpro for your continued support and commitment to Food Truck Festivals of America

Food Truck Festivals of America is happy to support our friend Alice Hoffman (any fans of "Practical Magic" out there)?

A Message from Alice Hoffman:

“Our annual Pink Pages fundraising event for The Hoffman Breast Center at Mount Auburn Hospital will now take place in Spring 2021. We’d still like to highlight some of the generous, wonderful authors who were to appear at this year's event. I hope you enjoy learning more about each one of them.” 

We are pleased to share The Pink Pages Weekly Reader. This week please enjoy an exclusive Pink Pages Interview with Ann Leary

If you are able, please consider a donation to the Hoffman Breast Center at Mount Auburn Hospital 

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